This is how
we do it

Unlike most companies working with fermented proteins, revyve doesn’t do any fermentation!

We source our yeast from large beer brewers, who produce it as co-product of their craft. We then transform this upcycled yeast to produce high-performing texturising ingredients.

We do this by breaking the cells and using mild, low temperature processing to obtain proteins and fibers. In this way we end up with ingredients that have unique functional properties for e.g. foaming, gelation, emulsification etc.

Our ingredients are all natural and sustainable, helping to create the delicious food experiences consumers crave without the need for animal ingredients or additives.

Revyve is not your average ingredients company

Our cutting-edge technology goes beyond the utilization of upcycled yeast. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our ingredient portfolio in the near future. This includes exploring the use of bacteria, microalgae, and even spent biomass from precision fermentation. If you’re working at a biotech company and want more value from your microbes, please reach out to us!