the key to taste & texture

The secret to unlocking the perfect texture in food can be as simple and sustainable as upcycling brewer’s yeast. And we can help humanity in the process. Yes, Really.

revyve ingredients that work

We create ingredients from single-cell proteins through a process that unlocks unique functionalities, like heat-set gelling, emulsification and more. All while keeping the label completely clean.

Our promise Simply Good

100% Clean, Non-GMO

No chemicals, solvents, enzymes, or compromises. Never ever ever.


From an endlessly renewable supply of top quality brewer’s yeast. We upcycle like the planet depends on it.


Saving humanity and the planet while hugging all the animals (not eating them).


Emulsifying, gelling, and binding all in one. Multitalented and tastes great

nutritionally complete

The ideal starting lineup rich in protein & good fiber like beta glucans and mannans

Our Solutions show off what you got

Our proteins allow you to unlock craveworthy textures to create best in class and new to the world structures. The slight umami taste unleashes the flavor profile for animal-free foods. We have nothing to hide when it comes to the taste and texture of our solutions. 

A revolution is Brewing

At AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer, we have centuries of heritage on our side as well as a virtually unending source of the world’s highest quality brewer’s yeast. When your byproduct becomes a need-to-buy product, you know you’re onto something great.

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