Our yeast-based ingredients allow us to deliver unique functionality that unlocks the texture of animal-free products and gives a nice kick of umami

We gotta Stick Together

Protein solutions to unlock that elusive bite

Creating preformed foods requires ingredients that structure and bind alternative proteins into burger-like patties and faux-meat balls. Unlike other solutions in the market, our structuring protein is vegan, full of nutrition, virtually endless in supply, and it adds an excellent umami flavor. All while keeping the label clean.

Delicious Under Pressure

Unique Protein-Fiber Blend for Extrusion

Extrusion under high heat and pressure allows us to create whole cuts of vegetarian and vegan substitutes with a fibrous, meat-like structure. In combination with pea, wheat, or other novel proteins, we deliver a texture and mouthfeel that outclasses soy protein. As a complete protein (PDCAAS=1) with high dietary fiber content, we also drastically improve the nutritional quality of all products that use it.

That Special Sauce

Our unique Protein and Fiber solutions for Clean Label Sauces

Our solutions can help remove any dependence on animals products like dairy and eggs in a variety of sauces from gravies to mayonnaise. Not only do they help with emulsification, texture, and shine, they add a wonderful umami flavor to the end result.

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