Our Ingredient

Our yeast-based ingredients allow us to deliver unique functionality that unlocks the texture of animal-free products and gives a nice kick of umami

Formed & Extruded Meats

Protein solutions to unlock that elusive bite

In combination with pea, wheat, or other novel proteins, we deliver a texture and mouthfeel that outclasses soy protein. Unlike other solutions in the market, our structuring protein is vegan, full of nutrition, virtually endless in supply, and it adds an excellent umami flavor. All while keeping the label clean.

That Special Sauce

A delicious creamy and stable plant-based sauce

Looking to break your dependence on animal products like egg and dairy but not willing to compromise on texture and mouthfeel? Revyve delivers stable emulsification, texture and shine in a variety of sauces, from low fat gravy to creamy and rich mayonnaise.

Aldente Pasta


High protein, vegan, pasta that tastes great, impossible? Not anymore, revyve can match the cooking behavior and mouthfeel of traditional egg pasta with Taste and Texture that simply blows other vegan options out of the water.

Try it at your own risk, we can’t get enough of it!

Baking a better food system

Nothing says home like the smell of baking – but what if it could be as delicious, but with a little less guilt? Revyve ingredients can help break dependency on animal products and E-numbers in a variety of technical functions: egg-replacement in cakes and brownies, glossy glazing on sweet goods, fat reduction in crackers or increased freshness, we will help you find your solution.

Fried Snack without a crack

Potato, cheese or veggie? You want your snacks to hold shape and form a lovely crust with a creamy filling? Our solution delivers superior performance than traditional E-numbers or egg white protein. And if vegan and clean label wasn’t enough of a treat, we bump up the nutritional value with complete protein and fibre as well.

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