About Us

Simple, sustainable, microbial ingredients that unlock the future of food

Meet revyve

We believe in a food system that’s better for people and for the planet. We create ingredients with integrity.

This is How We Do It

First, we tap into an existing renewable source of microbial biomass, like brewer’s yeast.

Then we process the biomass into proteins and fibers, working at low temperature without harsh chemicals or enzymes to create ingredients with unique functional properties.

Customers enjoy great tasting foods without compromising on taste, or texture, or health, or sustainability.

Small but Mighty

For thousands of years humans have used fermentation to preserve and improve the taste, texture, and nutritional profile of food. Microorganisms like yeast, algae, fungi and bacteria are working their magic on a micro level to perform this delicious transformation.

From brewing beer to kimchi and blue cheese, microorganisms have played a huge part in food and culture around the world, but today microorganisms are set to play a new key role in unlocking the full potential of alternative proteins.

Going in Circles (on purpose)

We believe the circular economy should be at the core of the food industry. We source some of nature’s oldest and simplest organisms from the biggest brewer on the planet. With more than four million barrels of beer produced annually, we secured a nearly unending supply of yeast for us to draw from.

Circularly sourcing feedstock means that we don’t need to grow any biomass. That means we can focus all our energy on producing uniquely functional ingredients that will transform taste and texture.

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