A New World

Super clean, planet friendly, mouth pleasing textures.
We’re making ingredients work:

We are revyving world food habits and the food industry with sustainable, natural and high-performing  ingredients. Our great texturising ingredients make clean, animal free products accessible for everyone to enjoy.

We Live and Breathe
Food Texture, That Is:

From an endlessly renewable supply of top quality yeast.
We upcycle like the planet depends on it.
Animal Free
Saving humanity and the planet while hugging all the animals (not eating them).
Clean and Natural
No chemicals, solvents, enzymes, or compromises.
Never ever ever.
Tasty and Functional
Emulsifying, gelling, and binding all in one.
Multitalented and tastes great.
Through our cutting edge technology, we unlock the potential of yeast, a well known super-ingredient, to produce high-performing texturising ingredients. Revyve is the answer to the food industry’s struggle to find animal-free, natural solutions that deliver the delicious food experiences consumers crave.
Scale and Impact
We will reach a production capacity of 300 tons by the end of this year. That’s equivalent to the capacity of 80,000 egg laying hens (!) That's enough to make 75 million burgers!


Revyve’s climate change impact, as measured by CO2 per kilo of product, is 95% lower than egg white powder and significantly less than most currently available plant proteins.
Mission & Team

We call ourselves

We’re a diverse and well-rounded team of unstoppable scientists, industry veterans and foodies, bound by our vision of a better world.
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